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Medicine Making Machine

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Main Application

      This machine is traditional Chinese medicine pill making support equipment and the pre-processing for pill making production. It makes material by mixing, refining, kneading and squeezing into moderate softness, appropriate hardness and uniform paste. Even for refining uniform the difficult processing medicine material such as liquid-power type compound, high hardness or high viscosity material (concentrated paste, dry powder or honey) with high productivity. It is the necessary equipment for pharmacy, food and chemical industry.


 1. With special patented design, the medicine, water and oil are totally separated without pollution from each other in the making medicine process.

2. The machine is reasonably structured, well durability and long working life. Squeezing medicine screw uses titanium alloy which is light weight and wear proof material. Easy loading and unloading.

3. Most of the machine is stainless steel. The design is reasonable and in accord with GMP requirements. With attractive appearance and good quality, it is well received by the users

4. We can add water circulating cooling systems according to customer’s requirements.